I bleed black and gold.

In Pittsburgh, laying in a hotel bed. I just want to be able to fall asleep, just one night.
I miss my couch back home.
I got really sunburnt today at Steelers training camp. I don't care though, because I saw my favorite team.
University of Pittsburgh in 9 hours! Then off to State College after that for the night.
I'm gonna try to sleep. Goodnight/morning.

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i am officially a senior in high school.
i am the managing editor of the paper.
i am in love with a boy i never see anymore.
it was one month to one year. and here you are again.
i love you still, just like i did last july.
my blackberry curve is my favorite thing in the world.
i want to find a belle charm so badly.
father's day tomorrow, new hope with my daddy!
hopefully find some cute dresses at the stores there.
shippensburg university on friday. 6am car rides.
then random visits throughout the summer with my dad.

the countdown is on until june 12,2009.
please come as quick as you can, without skipping all the fun.

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six months.
senior year, get ready.
souderton, prepare.
class of 2009 is coming.
and we gonna tear you down!
it's heartbreaking.
no more football games in the old stadium.
no more crowded shoutfests in the knuckle going to advisory.
no more freezing our asses off in the basement.

four months.
i can't wait that long to see my boy.
and it's too long to wait for a new phone.
mine is such crap, as is my sidekick.
blackberry here i come!
freedom in the form of my mali.
parties every night with the best.
senior summer.
live it up.

two and a half months.
school is almost over.
time to work work work for editor-in-chief.
grad project classes start june 23.
give my senior project on august 6.
arrowhead bootcamp is first week of august.
i have no summer.

i'm happier than ever.
my friends are the best.
i've lost sixteen pounds in the past three months.
i am so fucking proud of myself.
everyone noticed, and it makes me feel good.
school is amazing. honor roll. again.
colleges are coming into my life so quick.
ohio state? hofstra? umaryland? penn state? pitt? ship?
i'll take uofarizona and a lifetime supply of jetblue tickets to laguardia, please!

anyway, i'm going to start updating this more.
it's a nice place to vent.
let's be friends. get to know each other.
ask me a question, any question, and i'll answer.

respect, love, appreciate, cheers,

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i love my friends to the point of explanation.
today was at long last's show with bury your dead and emmure.
it's a big thing for all of us souderton kids to see those boys play. we love them all to death.
it was so great to see the crew. hanging out, joking around.
the boys rocked it so hard, not matter what anyone says, murder in greenwich just owned it.
then we left, but so did all of our crew.
we come home, hang out, and see that dave, our dear friend, has left at long last.
he's gone, no longer playing bass, and it sucks.
it's going to be hard to go to a.l.l. shows, and not see dave's smiling face on stage.
tonight also sucked, because anthony was grounded and couldn't go to the show.
i missed him insanely.

bedtime for me.
goodnight my dears.

respect. love. appreciate. cheers.

..and ever.

one week down.
i miss you too much to continue on like this.
i need you more than anything in this entire world, and you know that.
and i know you need me.
we were meant to be together, we can't just leave each other like this.
is this all a test to make sure that i can't be without you? because if it is, i passed, now come home.
i hope you know, that i'm not going anywhere. i'll be standing in the same spot when you come looking for me in a few years.
i'll wait for you, even though you made me promise i wouldn't.
i sink deeper and deeper everyday i'm not with you.
i won't come up until i have you again.
i love you, i miss you, forever.

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Congrats boys, you did it.
You're proving to everyone in the country that you can do this.
You can now say to all the doubters "look what we just did."
Don't let the next two weeks faze you in anyway.
You can do this, set your mind to it.
You almost did this in week 17.
Pretend you're there again.
Fight for this.
We'll be praying for you.
See you in Glendale.

My New York Giants made it to the Super Bowl tonight. I had to see my best friend, my sister, upset because her beloved Packers lost. Brett Favre deserved this. He deserves this more than Tom Brady. Favre had a great season, and hopefully he'll come back next year. Until then, I'll be on the edge of my seat until February 3rd. See you in Glendale, boys.
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Weary Preposition, Accepted Challenge.

So this morning, I woke up, 5:30 a.m., just to go to my bathroom for a split second. While in there, my mom barged in. "I have a wild idea.." uhoh "..for your senior project." So, I let my mom explain to me what her crazy idea to me. Write a book on the most influential people in my life. Sorry, mom, my expertise in writing is articles on sweaty boys who run around throwing footballs and tackling people. But, I decided it was worth a shot. The words that sealed it for me, "Do this for me, Shanna." Whenever my mom says that, you KNOW she means business. So, I'm compiling a list of the most influential people in my life.
So far:
-Aunt Donna
-Nana Judy
-Nana Webber
-Kayla & Olivia(seperately and as a whole)
-Dr. Aronow
-Mrs. Clemens
-Mrs. Balzer
-Ms. Herskovitz
Obviously my family, and the four teachers who helped me realizing things about me.

So, daily thinker, if you were to write a book about the most influential people in your life, who would your top ten be?

That's it for this morning, it's almost time for me to get to school.
Until next time,