shan (brokenskylines) wrote,

six months.
senior year, get ready.
souderton, prepare.
class of 2009 is coming.
and we gonna tear you down!
it's heartbreaking.
no more football games in the old stadium.
no more crowded shoutfests in the knuckle going to advisory.
no more freezing our asses off in the basement.

four months.
i can't wait that long to see my boy.
and it's too long to wait for a new phone.
mine is such crap, as is my sidekick.
blackberry here i come!
freedom in the form of my mali.
parties every night with the best.
senior summer.
live it up.

two and a half months.
school is almost over.
time to work work work for editor-in-chief.
grad project classes start june 23.
give my senior project on august 6.
arrowhead bootcamp is first week of august.
i have no summer.

i'm happier than ever.
my friends are the best.
i've lost sixteen pounds in the past three months.
i am so fucking proud of myself.
everyone noticed, and it makes me feel good.
school is amazing. honor roll. again.
colleges are coming into my life so quick.
ohio state? hofstra? umaryland? penn state? pitt? ship?
i'll take uofarizona and a lifetime supply of jetblue tickets to laguardia, please!

anyway, i'm going to start updating this more.
it's a nice place to vent.
let's be friends. get to know each other.
ask me a question, any question, and i'll answer.

respect, love, appreciate, cheers,

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