shan (brokenskylines) wrote,

i am officially a senior in high school.
i am the managing editor of the paper.
i am in love with a boy i never see anymore.
it was one month to one year. and here you are again.
i love you still, just like i did last july.
my blackberry curve is my favorite thing in the world.
i want to find a belle charm so badly.
father's day tomorrow, new hope with my daddy!
hopefully find some cute dresses at the stores there.
shippensburg university on friday. 6am car rides.
then random visits throughout the summer with my dad.

the countdown is on until june 12,2009.
please come as quick as you can, without skipping all the fun.

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    Hai livejournal idk wtf I'm doingggg!!!!!!!!

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  • (no subject)

    i get to see my boy in eleven days. and i am so freaking excited<3

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