shan (brokenskylines) wrote,

I bleed black and gold.

In Pittsburgh, laying in a hotel bed. I just want to be able to fall asleep, just one night.
I miss my couch back home.
I got really sunburnt today at Steelers training camp. I don't care though, because I saw my favorite team.
University of Pittsburgh in 9 hours! Then off to State College after that for the night.
I'm gonna try to sleep. Goodnight/morning.

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    Hai livejournal idk wtf I'm doingggg!!!!!!!!

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    i am officially a senior in high school. i am the managing editor of the paper. i am in love with a boy i never see anymore. it was one month to one…

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    i get to see my boy in eleven days. and i am so freaking excited<3

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