shan (brokenskylines) wrote,

i love my friends to the point of explanation.
today was at long last's show with bury your dead and emmure.
it's a big thing for all of us souderton kids to see those boys play. we love them all to death.
it was so great to see the crew. hanging out, joking around.
the boys rocked it so hard, not matter what anyone says, murder in greenwich just owned it.
then we left, but so did all of our crew.
we come home, hang out, and see that dave, our dear friend, has left at long last.
he's gone, no longer playing bass, and it sucks.
it's going to be hard to go to a.l.l. shows, and not see dave's smiling face on stage.
tonight also sucked, because anthony was grounded and couldn't go to the show.
i missed him insanely.

bedtime for me.
goodnight my dears.

respect. love. appreciate. cheers.

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